A story that starts from 1876: ETONIC.

A story that starts from 1876: ETONIC.

A Legacy dating back to 1876, our friend Alberto has taken us back in time with this brand full of American history and culture.

Founded in 1876, Etonic is one of the most iconic athletic footwear brands. The brand has a historic reputation for comfort, innovation, quality and performance.

There are many moments that have made the history of this brand, born in Massachusetts. 
It is the first sneaker brand in the world as you can see from the family tree. A responsibility that the brand has been able to exploit and enhance over time.

Designed to keep you ahead of the pack, Etonic goes from the field to the street, from men to women. 

We have chosen the most iconic models to offer you from next season (FW24) in store and on our online platform.

We tried to keep our identity alive by choosing what was closest to our spirit and mood. It's not always easy when you're dealing with such an important brand linked to so many iconic moments.

From next season you will see ETONIC from Blog don't Lie and also a world premiere of the brand: the DROPSHOT model.

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