Alba Optics and the legend of Delta eyewear.

Alba Optics and the legend of Delta eyewear.

Alba Optics

Iconic, essential and highly appreciated by an army of enthusiasts who see the legend in these glasses, the cycling of champions who have written pages and pages of modern history.

However, Blog don't Lie does not stop at the simple sporting discourse, but looks at Streetwear and the fashion world.

Alba Optics has created Delta glasses openly inspired by the models of the 80s and 90s, the roaring years in which design strongly influenced products related to cycling.

Alba Optics

Lightness and solidity are a guarantee for this brand.

The Tr90 frame offers the usual reliability and all lightness needed to embroider a unique and particular frame that sees the temples make a decisive curvature to bypass the ears and offer perfect stability.

The beautiful VZUM™ A-LENS single lens in polycarbonate has the entire lower part free so by wearing Delta glasses you will make the most of the downward vision but also the peripheral one. The same frame is embellished with some writings that contribute greatly to making the aesthetics of these Deltas even more refined.

As previously mentioned, the VZUM™ A-LENS in scratch-resistant polycarbonate with a non-centered base 6 allows a vision of the highest quality and free from lateral deformations.

The curvature of the lens covers an optical cone of 180°, protecting the eyes very well from the blinding effect of the sun. The transparent frame combines with great elegance with the brown VZUM™ POU lens, exhilarating in bringing out the warm tones of the environment.

Alba Optics

Luca Gentile and Piergiorgio Catalano are the founders of the brand: young, dynamic and friendly. Alba Optics has managed to make itself known all over the world.

It all started at the sight of a stall at a fair that sold an old stock of cycling glasses from the 80s. Aesthetically beautiful but very poor in quality of materials. They decided to work day and night to create a product that respected high aesthetic and qualitative standards.

Inspired by models of the past and reproducing them in a modern key was the initial key to bringing the project to life. After much research and thanks to a local producer, the two friends managed to recreate an original mold from the 80s that had by now been forgotten.

Designed the lens and tried the various products. That's it, the first model was born: DELTA.

A product intended for sportsmen but with an artistic soul, the two like to take inspiration from the world of art and design, from past trends. They define as an instinct follower.

Alba Optics is dedicated to the sportsman who doesn't necessarily want to finish first, but to achieve any goal, in any condition. The phrase created for fun "Alba Optics doesn't make you faster" sums up the whole approach philosophy. The model that best represents the brand is certainly the Delta, their Stratocaster. It is the first, the most transversal and iconic of the collection.

Alba Optics

Blog don't Lie is ready to welcome this mix of research, love for the past and vision for a universal product.


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