How to wear a bucket hat without looking stupid.

How to wear a bucket hat without looking stupid.

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Rain hat, grape hat, bucket hat, the literal translation is “bucket hat”. After sixty years of ups and downs, the anti-fashion accessory par excellence becomes a must-have for spring summer 2021. That's why we couldn't throw it into oblivion, especially we at Blog Don't Lie.


The catwalks suggest that 2021 is the year of a return to the past, and indeed it seems that everything had already been foreseen. We were forced to stay at home for about three months and, in the throes of total boredom, to put our skeletons in order in the closet, including preposterous accessories. The bucket hat (or fisherman hat) is one of them.

As the name suggests, the bucket hat was born for practical reasons. No Irish fisherman or farmer ever cared about making hype with the bucket-shaped waterproof hat and, in fact, for a good part of the 1900s this particular type of headgear was used only to shelter from the rain and bad weather. Its second life began in the 60s, on the heads of the young Mods who, with their arrogance, their scooters and their fights, anticipated the casual style on the streets of London. Always on the street, it depopulated among the hip hop subcultures of the USA, becoming an inevitable gangsta element thanks to RUN DMC, who wore it together with the Blues Brothers-style fedoras. However, the peak of popularity came in the 90s, the decade in which trends began to dissolve into total scazzi, tarnishing the canons of beauty and right.


Leaving aside the Spice Girls, the first to make the bucket hat a worthy accessory were undoubtedly the Gallagher brothers, who in their rainy Manchester had every right to wear it without having to justify it to anyone. Let's not forget that they are the absolute kings of risky (and unexplained) moves. With the acetate overalls and flared turtlenecks, the bucket hat added the gruff and irresistible touch of the English bad boy careless of the look.

Of course not everyone can wear it, you need the right attitude.

Either you are a hooligan, or you are a freak, but the most important thing is that you must be aware of it and be proud of it. Think of Eminem, who at the beginning of his career wore the very soft camel-colored bucket hat by Kangol (the same as RUN DMC, ed), and almost passed for a good guy. Or Justin Timberlake, who really was a good guy. But don't think for a moment that you can look like Jason Kay dancing Virtual Insanity in wide angle: you can never look so sexy wearing something so bulky. Instead, focus on the matching hat/glasses, Johnny Depp-style in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - a bold and slightly bizarre look that Jack Nicholson often sports too (women like a bit of self-irony). Speaking of women: it was Rihanna who brought back the bucket hat a few years ago! And if the moral law "it's ugly until Rihanna decides it's not" is true (and it is true), women, in addition to self-irony, may also like your hat a lot. So maybe buy one. Do it, however, only if your tastes are not too expensive, because it will seem absurd to you but the Irish farmer's hat today can appear in the shop window at a price that is anything but rural.


The bucket hat adds a scenographic touch to the look, it is no coincidence that the stars love to wear it at the Coachella festival during open air concerts. Today it is an essential accessory for Tyler, The Creator and Pharrell Williams, but it is not long in declining also for women, adding a "baddie" touch to the avant-garde outfits of the Hadid sisters and FKA Twigs. In short, the sloping hat has conquered the whole fashion world, and all nostalgics of all ages, today have the right and the ability to wear it on any occasion. We can only wish him a long life.



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