Italian excellence: Bottoli wool mill.

Italian excellence: Bottoli wool mill.

Lanificio Bottoli

We want to introduce you to one of the Italian excellences in tailoring and high fashion.

Many say it is the last real wool mill left in Italy. We at BDL stumbled upon one of our last research trips in this company, or rather sorry, this Italian Elite.

The Bottoli wool mill contains its history in 5 generations of a family of Venetian entrepreneurs. The Bottoli family began around 1861 to create woolen cloths.

Lanificio Bottoli

Consolidated the structure with a complete internal production cycle, decade after decade the Lanificio has remained faithful to its mission devoted to the use of excellent natural raw materials for the creation of exclusive fabrics rigorously in fantasy expression of the aesthetic beauty typical of the culture of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

Lanificio Bottoli

In 1949 Tito Bottoli, father of the current owner, develops the company on the current site on an area previously belonging to the military school of the Serenissima of Venice, then fallen into the hands of the Austro-Hungarian and later Italian Empire (the perimeter walls of defense are still visible today).

The constant development has led the wool mill to cover a production area of ​​5,000 square meters.

The Meschio river, an ancient source of hydraulic energy for all the factories in the area, flows vital and visible just a few meters from the wool mill.

The Bottoli archive handed down and enriched from generation to generation is jealously guarded in a private room of the company, accessible only by reservation. It is a place of peace and study reserved for stylists and product men who find inspiration for their collections.

The atmosphere that hovers in the archive, amidst the scent of ancient paper worn over the centuries, leads the visitor to relive times where the fabric was not just tinsel but a lifestyle.

Lanificio Bottoli

The result of all this are Made in Italy fabrics of excellence exported to 21 countries around the world and used by the most prestigious clients of national and international stylism and tailoring.

Last but not least, an important collaboration and with the designer Etro, literally in love with the quality and style that these fabrics express.

Lanificio Bottoli Etrò

The enhancement of the centuries-old Made in Italy textile tradition, the rediscovery and selection of the national sheep heritage, the production of ecological fabrics from the Lanaitaliana® line are the foundations of a company that tirelessly pursues sustainable progress and confirms itself as a point of reference. also in the environmental field.

We will soon be bringing these fabrics to the store together with the Eticlo brand.

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