The story that matters: Club C Revenge M.

The story that matters: Club C Revenge M.

Reebok Club C Revenge M has a long history behind you
It may seem strange to us but some people only see "one pair of sneakers" when they look at the Reebok Club C Revenge M, ignoring its rich history. The model that has recently become a favorite of the people of the bleachers, the English football fans who live to support their team, was originally born as the Revenge Plus. This was the name of those vintage athletic sneakers that in 1985 represented the perfect silhouette to belong to the tennis fever that was born. The name was considered too aggressive for the tennis club etiquette of that era, that's why the name became Reebok Club C 85.

The design of the Reebok Club C Revenge M represents a period in time that meant a lot to the brand

It was a moment where Reebok was going strong, outselling the competition, partly due to the novelty factor it represented and partly due to its silhouettes, perfect for that era. That was the period in which the brand, even if it was based in the United States, created its branding with the window that includes an English flag and these retro details are the ones that helped make the Reebok Club C 85 Vintage a model iconic.

When a pair of sneakers reaches "timeless" status, it cannot fail to be considered by Blog Don't Lie.

You can find Reebok Classic Club C as a two-tone or monochrome version, mostly made in leather but there are Reebok C 85 Vintage also available in suede. It is the ideal lifestyle sneaker that transcends generations, being the perfect everyday shoe. Naturally, Reebok shoes are available on our channels in last remaining sizes: we want your style to be timeless, giving you all the freedom of choice you deserve.


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