Make a garment unique: TILLIDYE.

Make a garment unique: TILLIDYE.

Till I Dye

The effect of unpredictable shapes and colors is the new trend of the season and many fashion designers offer their rigorously hand-painted models.

We learned about it in the hippie days between the sixties and seventies with a flashback in the nineties, but the tie-dye technique is much older. The bright colors and the "faded" effect given by the particular treatment of the fabrics are not an invention of the last century.
Till I Dye

Tie-dye has its roots in Egypt and Mesopotamia, also known in India, South America and Japan. Precisely in the Japanese culture, it was known as shibori, a processing method that prevented the dye from reaching certain parts of the fabric, thus creating psychedelic motifs and free forms. It has been practiced for over 2000 years all over the world and today it returns to shine among the new fashion trends, consecrated by the Milanese and Parisian fashion shows.

Till I Dye

We found some guys who made the tie dye technique a strong point to create a cool collection attentive to generational changes.



The base is branded Nike.

Till I Dye Their strong point are socks, capable of creating that style that starts from sportwear but ends up being vintage / iconic.

The Nike Tie-Dye TILL I DYE socks are a perfect accessory for any casual outfit! This style is customized to ensure that you are always the only one wearing them.

Till I Dye

Each pair is made to order, which means that socks will never be alike.

Everyone will have their unique sock, worn only by you. is one of the advantages of Tie Dye processing.

Ehi Guys, a few jokes, to wash in cold water to preserve the color. See you soon in the store to see them, try them and buy them.

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