Oscar Magnuson celebrates 10 years.

Oscar Magnuson celebrates 10 years.

In celebration of Oscar Magnuson's 10th anniversary, they have released two iconic OM frames in limited edition.

Deckard and Iris eyeglasses and sunglasses in a new colour, Crystal Caramel, complimented with gold-plated details.

These frames speak to the brand’s beginnings while heralding a fresh future.

All frames are made from a biodegradable, plant-based bio-acetate and sunglass lenses are crafted from recyclable BioNylon.

These limited edition spectacles and sunglasses come in a green case of exclusive leather from Tärnsjö Garveri.


This exclusive collection includes:

iris OM 10th - crystal caramel 

iris sun OM 10th - crystal caramel

deckard OM 10th - crystal caramel

deckard sun OM 10th - crystal caramel

Discover the brand HERE.
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