Peregrine and the wise use of British wool.

Peregrine and the wise use of British wool.


A few months ago Blog don't Lie discovered a brand across the Channel that makes you fall in love with this work, research and proposals.

To be honest, Peregrine has been on pizza since 1876, not since yesterday.

What prompted us to bring it to Italy (which is not easy especially in the period of Brexit and crazy duties) was the brand's ability to create garments with their wool, practically indestructible.


Listening to the words of Jasmine Langley, Peregrine's Head of Marketing, we understand the deep roots and motivations of this choice.

The first generation led by Thomas moved to Leicestershire where he started his business working by hand.

210 years later, in 2006, Tom rebranded Peregrine Clothing, seeking to re-establish the brand with a contemporary design and cleaner look.

The brand still retains its core values and everything is and will always be 100% Made in England.



Jasmine always guides us in the various design processes of the brand which always starts with some fundamental themes in mind; functionality, adaptability and a game of tradition. Dresses span the seasons and are a wardrobe essential that will be loved for years to come, so the highest quality materials are essential.

The designs resist the elements but fit perfectly into an urban setting, making them adaptable for both city living and countryside holidays.

Peregrine's clientele is made up of people passionate about craftsmanship, tradition and history. All manufacturing is done in the UK factory.


It goes without saying that this is the pride of the brand and the customers. It doesn't matter if you live in the countryside or in the city, anyone can wear and enjoy Peregrine clothing. Favorite customer is Tom Hardy who wore the British Waffle Shawl wool cardigan in an interview to promote the release of his most recent film, Venom. He is known for his classic style of him, so it was no surprise that he chose one of the British wool pieces from the collection.

But let's get to the point, our main interest.


We are talking about one of the strongest natural fibers, with natural breathability, antibacterial properties and a thin waxy coating that makes your knitwear able to give the British climate an edge.

Wool is also completely biodegradable, so discarded items and leftover yarn pose little threat to the environment.

But the question is: why would you want to throw it away? U

A sweater you love will last a lifetime.


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