Sophisticated and urban cool: the accessories by Alberto Luti.

Sophisticated and urban cool: the accessories by Alberto Luti.

Alberto Luti
You know that.

We at BDL are always looking for the particular piece and at the same time of quality.

We know and deepen a brand that you will soon find with us in store and online.

Alberto Luti.

Sophisticated contemporaneity and an urban-cool image. ALBERTO LUTI was born in 2018 from the brilliant and far-sighted minds of Ludovico Franco and Titti Garofalo, an unsteady couple in life and work, Founders of the already well-known ITALIAN BELTS SRL and now very ready to take flight with a project characterized by audacity and wise stubbornness: not randomly, the naming consists of the name of their youngest child [the future] and the union of their initials [the past and the present].

A symbolism, therefore, that is not only affective, but deeply imbued with aspiration and commitment to build, step by step, together, the foundations of a company already driven towards tomorrow.

Rich in intuition and powerful knowledge of the sector, the Managers have developed a rapidly evolving Business Plan that captures selected challenges and leads to satisfying and more than ever performing objectives.

Alberto Luti

We were fascinated by their whole world and we can't wait to get to know all the facets and details of the brand.

ALBERTO LUTI presents the new Accessories Men Collection with a strong aesthetic and stylistic characterization, specially designed for demanding and ambitious men who always prefer high-level choices and live everywhere as absolute protagonists.

Alberto Luti
Maximum attention to detail, scrupulous Made in Italy craftsmanship and extreme determination. The imperative is to dare: wear a highly sought-after design, enhance a charming and classy appeal, aiming for an elite and undoubtedly enviable status symbol.

The production is firmly based on various techniques ranging from HAND-DYED to BARREL-DYED, thus favoring the creation of items that are different from each other stylish & elegant-smart. Studs, hand threadings, original buckles with inlays: the world of ALBERTO LUTI, multifaceted and unquestionably in turmoil, amazes and already alludes to obtaining very positive feedback from the market. It caters to a top-selling, pretentious and high-class male clientele.

Soon, indeed very soon we will offer you all this

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