Story of a refined rebellion against large-scale distribution: ABIUNO.

Story of a refined rebellion against large-scale distribution: ABIUNO.

In 2014 the ABIUNO brand was born around the 'waxed canvas' fabric.

Alessia Bianco, designer and creator of the brand, immediately had clear ideas and simple concepts to apply to her revolutionary adventure. Obviously we couldn't miss the brand, the products but above all Alessia's ability to think and create something non-trivial (Blog don't Lie likes this element). 

Great ability to relate to style, to the concept of essentiality. Alessia knows how to photograph a free spirit, in tune with city life, who finds refuge in nature. Initially an artisan workshop, ABIUNO contrasts large-scale production with refined rebellion. In 2020 the project evolves into a larger working group, ideas and collaborations that conceive a new way of operating and allow the brand to dialogue with a wider audience, without borders and conventions, just like its creations.

“We choose natural and sustainable materials, holding ourselves responsible for everything we do. We believe that the bond between man and nature is essential and, as such, must be preserved. Taking care of the products, of our things, preserves their durability over time and allows us to discover their soul.”

Alessia Bianco - Designer

The soul of the project is the 'waxed canvas' fabric: it is a method used in ancient times to waterproof fabrics with beeswax, making them resistant and water-repellent and most likely born in Scotland where it was used for the sails of boats. In simple words it is historic cotton originating in the United Kingdom, it is the result of skilled workmanship with a tradition of more than 150 years.

ABIUNO offers iconic pieces that do not suffer from fashions produced with sustainable materials, and the company helps customers take care of them. High guarantees of their products but, it happens, if you get tired of your ABIUNO garment you can return it and the company will put it back on the market.

Sustainability at the highest levels.

This brand could not be missing from our proposals, we are already thrilled to have met Alessia.

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