Collection: Abiuno

ABIUNO puts beauty and quality at the center of its making. Every day we select the best materials to create products with captivating aesthetics and outstanding technical skills. ABIUNO was born in 2014 from an idea of ​​the Italian designer Alessia Bianco. His way of relating to style, his concept of essentiality, photographs a free spirit, in harmony with city life, who finds refuge in nature. Initially an artisan workshop, ABIUNO contrasts large-scale production with refined rebellion. In 2020 the project evolves into a larger working group, ideas and collaborations that conceive a new way of operating and allow the brand to dialogue with a wider audience, without borders and conventions, just like its creations.

“We choose natural and sustainable materials, holding ourselves responsible for everything we do. We believe that the bond between man and nature is essential and, as such, must be preserved. Taking care of the products, of our things, preserves their durability over time and allows us to discover their soul.”