Collection: adhoc

ADHOC is a story that began 15 years ago.
A story made up of travelers, people who live with a suitcase in one hand and a dream in the other: that of making garments for people like them who are always on the go.
Dressing in clothes that make you feel cool but at the same time are comfortable and functional is the mission of ADHOC.
A "perfect" garment for any occasion.
Perfect: this is the key word, from which everything started. The goal was precisely to create "perfect" clothing, "especially for" those on the move, for the traveler, for those people who usually leave at any moment and who must have garments to rely on, who they know they won't wrinkle inside their hastily prepared backpack, they know they can wash in the bathroom of their hotel room at night and wear them flawlessly the next morning. Faithful clothing, designed for the traveler, ADHOC!
Our goal is to create timeless garments that last over time!