Collection: Arkk Copenhagen

ARKK Copenhagen in 2014 when two lifelong friends, Kasper Høj Rasmussen and Thomas Refdahl, decided to answer this question, to find out if it was possible to carry on sneaker design by deconstructing the whole concept. Their search for an answer led them to invent a sneaker with an extraordinarily clean silhouette, full of thoughtful design details and with Nordic-inspired colourways: a sneaker anywhere, do anything, versatile enough for every aspect of modern urban life. Today ARKK Copenhagen designs innovative sneakers that challenge the status quo and challenge the perception of what a lifestyle sneaker can be. Rooted in our Scandinavian design heritage, inspired by architecture and obsessed with detail, ARKK seeks to change the game of footwear by making quality kicks unlike anything else. With a focus on simplicity, precision details and unique materiality, ARKK sneakers are designed to be the functional foundation of today's modern streetwear style.