Collection: Joycoast Wood

Joycoast founder Reese O’Toole was simply "not a watch guy." Every watch he tried caused discomfort, and added unnecessary extra weight. It wasn't until 2017 when Reese realized one of the oldest materials (wood) could be combined with modern technology to create a unique, lightweight, and amazingly comfortable piece of art to wear on your wrist.

He got to work designing his first collection of wooden watches for men. This is when Joycoast was born. Not long after, he discovered other products he could create from wood, such as wooden sunglasses.

To this day Reese only wears wooden accessories and has been raising awareness for wood as a sustainable alternative to traditional steel watches and harmful plastic sunglasses. Joycoast has advanced a lot over the years and now offers engraved wooden watches, which make extra special gifts.