Who we are


casual clothing

After years of continuous research and desire to improve we decided to put our hands on an old mechanical workshop and turn it into a casual clothing and streetwear workshop.

We are proud that Blog Don't Lie is what our clients want.


Our daily commitment is to offer unique brands and styles inspired by subculture and the 1970s, 80's and 90's.
The important thing is to relive past times in you, to bring back happy memories through your clothes.
Our culture for the world of clothing leads us to offer you classic outfits and limited edition pieces.
We love to do all this and we measure success not with receipts but with the ability to convey culture to you in clothes.
We are not afraid to mix classic and well-known brands with others less advertised so as to create a modern style that pays tribute to legendary looks of the past.
Here are your opinions and suggestions.
We mix them with our ideas and take them to the showrooms we visit to influence the seasonal outings.
We care about art, cinema, music, friends and being able to wear a nice dress.
Breathe fresh air in a timeless style.