A break in London’s flow: CASTART.

A break in London’s flow: CASTART.

Though some may not like the idea that one’s style is not entirely personally shaped, our environment is very influential when it comes to what we are attracted to.

Style is, much more than an aesthetic one, a dynamic phenomenon. One’s upbringing, the location in the world and the era determine for a great amount what appeals to us and what feels comfortable.

Today, more than ever, we find ourselves in a climate with a constant flow of stimulation and inspiration. Not merely as a clothing brand but as well as a human being, one needs a strong core in order to be able to select and implement the right triggers.

For Castart, ethical production methods and textures rich in quality serve as a continuous foundation. Which is why each collection is partly made of recycled and organic fabrics, aiming for this amount to be bigger every time.

Given the importance of our planet’s resources, this is only the beginning of an infinite journey. At best, an aesthetical vision comes organically. Yet, without a responsible background they are of little use.

As much as this may sound self-evident, in a fashion landscape that increasingly includes irresponsibly fast production and fleeting trends, these values have ironically become progressive.

Digitalisation and globalisation play a major role in this transition. Gradually, we have shifted from manual to mechanical. As this is being felt in minor as well as major aspects of the arts, there is no denying that prominent details, personality and a steady identity are timeless. For the collections of Castart, this modernist vision shines through. Knowledge and techniques of the past are implemented on the road to co-creating the future. As throughout all collections from the beginning onwards, bold colours are key. For this collection however, the inspiration drew from vintage shade palettes stands out. Upcycled patchwork and blocking knits subtly draw the line to style a few chapters ago. Retrospection of the past is done with the right dose of respect, adoration and nostalgia. There is, however, no overdose of the latter – this due to the brand’s eager outlook on what’s to come.

The brand is heavily influenced by London.

The capital of the United Kingdom is a place that is constantly influenced by passing as well as established ethnicities, art and music. Yet the city always manages to maintain its unique individuality – despite any political and social changes. Whilst other world cities may contain a similar meltingpot, due to its intuitive nature, London’s flow simply cannot be replicated. As Castart deeply relates to this characteristic of the city, the team decided to travel down to London to capture, establish and broaden ideas for the newest collection.

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