DONE!: the backpack made in Brescia.

DONE!: the backpack made in Brescia.

It's like when you're looking for something special and suddenly you find a product designed and created by a person from your homeland.

By now you know us, we love the taste, the style, the uniqueness of the products. We met Stefania almost by chance, in one of our famous frantic searches. We got to know his vision, his goal but above all his brand.


It is a lifestyle brand of backpacks, bags and accessories. The distinctive trait of the brand is the constant search for balance between design, function and style. He finds his primary source of inspiration in people. It is a brand strongly connected to the cultural context in which it is inserted and to contemporary lifestyles. It fully reflects the personality of its creator: Stefania Gnutti.

All products are made of recycled waterproof nylon, paying attention to the needs of its target without distinction from east to west.

For DONE!, the backpack icon is not just a product capable of responding to the practicality of urban routine. The brand, through its products, wants to make the present more carefree, more fun.

The aim is to eliminate the sense of dissatisfaction, which comes either from the lack of certain details of the product or from the lack of curiosity.

Everything that is in movement is passion, life, adventure.

The research phase focused on observing people, taking care of their habits and trying to anticipate their needs. Giving importance to current events and contemporaneity in a sustainable and kind way.

>East+West< is more than a backpack. It adapts to the hectic life, becoming a hand bag, a shoulder bag, a shoulder bag and a carry-on bag. The different ways of being worn are for DONE! an element of particular attention; the goal is to be a comfortable life partner, at all times.
DONE! wants to create products that accompany you in everyday life with style, practicality and optimism. Products that allow you to fully enjoy the present, limiting hassles and annoyances to a minimum; Useful for all the commitments of the week and able to entertain you during the weekend.

An important point of the project is sustainability. DONE! immediately started a collaboration with Save the Planet, the non-profit association committed to the principles of sustainability, solidarity and responsible innovation. The shared objective is to reverse the course of the climate emergency and the environmental crisis.

We recognize the importance of conscious and cohesive communities in driving this change. Through support for educational programs and training initiatives, DONE! and Save the Planet promote a sense of responsibility at the roots and encourage concrete steps towards a more sustainable future.
Education is widely recognized as a catalyst for change.

DONE! wants to ensure that future generations become custodians of the environment and has chosen to promote this by creating interactive spaces and providing concrete tools for a sustainable lifestyle.

We fully support the philosophy of DONE! that's why we can't wait to see you face the days with this backpack on your shoulder or with this bag in your hands. The choice is yours.


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