Immerse yourself in nature: GOLDWIN.

Immerse yourself in nature: GOLDWIN.

Immerse yourself in nature.
Feel your body unite with the world.

For more than 70 years, this unity between human and nature has been the driving force behind Goldwin. Goldwi  believe that the greatest innovations are born from what nature teaches ttheir, and that nature’s most important teaching is harmony.
Through an obsessive dedication to detail, and by designing all of ttheir products to improve quality of life, Goldwin strive to help create a circular economy – one in which clothing coexists with the world as much as humans do.
Harmony with nature can, and should, be heightened by the clothes you wear. That is their belief, their design philosophy, and their promise to humanity

They tested their PERTEX® FASTSHELL jacket out in the field to find out how it functions in real-life outdoor conditions. Whatever the season, unforeseeable weather events can occur at any time: it may rain heavily, sudden fog may hamper vision and the wind may be so strong that you can barely move from the spot. In situations such as this, it is essential to have effective protection against the weather that not only keeps the wind and rain away but also guarantees maximum breathability.

Thin shell jacket that allows you to stay active in a hot and humid outdoor environment. This item is designed for lightness and comfort, ideal not only for trekking, but also for outdoors such as trail running and camping.

  • Sealed seams and waterproof zippers for improved waterproofness.
  • Lightweight, thin and supple to wear.
  • Simple zippers are used to maintain its lightweight characteristics.
  • Built-in hood
  • Originally designed Velcro cuff with an added slit gives an elastic fit to the wrist.
  • Comes with stuff sack for easy packing.
  • Pertex Shieldair 3L (Face:Nylon100% (W/Resin Processing)/Back:Nylon100%)

Periodic exposures and contacts to sebum, perspiration, and dirt weakens functional capabilities of waterproof and breathable fabrics and down material. Routine wash and maintenance are recommended to maintain materials’ functionalities and to optimize product-life.

The waterproof and windproof membrane has a special nanofibre structure that offers almost no resistance to moisture vapour yet provides an effective barrier to water droplets. This enables moisture from inside to evaporate with ease while rain from the outside is reliably kept at bay.

PERTEX® FASTSHELL is an extremely lightweight, fast-reacting outer material with a unique feel and outstanding qualities. Our jacket is reduced to the essentials so that we maintain full functionality while saving on weight and achieving an extremely small pack size.

Goldwin minimalist jacket has a unique silhouette and is tailored with somewhat more space for maximum freedom of movement and is designed three-dimensionally around the shoulders.

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