Montgomery: MADE IN ENGLAND.

Montgomery: MADE IN ENGLAND.

The story often speaks for itself. Maybe it's not enough for Montgomery but it certainly helps us understand what big piece we brought to the village.

Montgomery is the oldest surviving company chosen by the British Admiralty in the early 1890s to make the first duffle coats for the Royal Navy.

They offer the best of British design and craftsmanship. Their iconic duffle coat is handcrafted to the highest quality, using traditional construction methods along with the finest raw materials.

Montgomery believes in ethical and sustainable fashion, not fast fashion. Montgomery products are made to last a lifetime and have now introduced high quality recycled wool in 95% of their toggle coats to reduce your impact on the environment. The wool fabric has a special finish for a softer touch and yet remains extremely durable.

At the request of the Admiralty, the duffle coat was created to withstand the elements without restricting the movements of sailors. The model was confirmed as a semi double-breasted model with an asymmetric closure held together by wooden toggles and a mid-thigh seat. This first fabric was the same double-sided material we use today, double-sided to create a true weatherproof barrier.

Many people think that all duffle coats are the same. What most people don't realize is that a duffle coat is unlike any other coat. Fits from the shoulders down, while most coats and jackets fit from the chest.

All products are carefully designed, cut and handcrafted, right here in England. They have been making them with the same care and attention they always have, for over 100 years. This is why duffle coats fit and feel better than fashion makers: it's their business, and they care.

Montgomery believes that making products with pride and a commitment to lifelong quality are important British values. These values, shared by many other countries and peoples, many other brands, are as distinct as the British. They can't influence their thinking, but they can be true to themselves.

How the team, in the UK factories, make products matter. There are no management consultant checklists to hide behind, no subterfuge, they only work with good people, who work with good people, who are treated well, as people should be treated.

The British invented the first recycled fabric. For many, after the First World War, the belief was that the use of new materials was a statement of better quality. Today, of course, Montgomery has a responsibility to use the earth's resources with care and understanding. Where it can, the company uses recycled fabrics, or at least ones that are sustainable and help support the lives of those who might suffer if we stray from them. Started in Britain in 1812, the recycled fabric, now mainly sourced from Italy, is part of their green commitment.

The most recognizable features of a Montgomery are the hood and the frog fastening, in particular the original version wants it with buffalo horn frogs and leather straps. Don't worry, luckily there are other animal-friendly options available today.

Other characteristics of this model are the heavy and raw wool fabric that is cooked with a technique that makes it more resistant to water; moreover, another element easily attributable to the Montgomery are the large patch pockets. The length can be up to the knee or shorter, up to mid-thigh, while the color ranges from the classic camel color to the most varied shades, from dark blue to black, bright red and yellow.

The original version of the Montgomery was much squarer than today, in fact it has now been significantly simplified.
On the one hand, you need enough space to comfortably wear a sweater or jackets and on the other hand, you also don't want the coat to be so bulky that it makes you awkward and awkward.

Simply put, the shoulder seam should end where yours ends, the sleeve should reach to your knuckles or be long enough to cover the sleeves of the underlying garment, to ensure you can move comfortably.

There is no standard length, you just have to find the one that's right for you.
A knee-length duffle coat gives you more coverage but can make your legs look shorter depending on your height; for this a shorter length, up to mid-thigh, is strongly recommended: in fact it is long enough to cover the underlying layers and give an image of your legs proportionate to the rest of the body.

 Get ready because this winter is near.


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