New vocabulary in fashion: GORPCORE.

New vocabulary in fashion: GORPCORE.

Fashion is a language, but it is also a complex system which, in turn, has one that is constantly evolving. Every week we analyze a different term, evergreen or brand new, from the fashion dimension: today, we decrypt the Gorpcore trend.

The fashion vocabulary that is used every day, in real life and especially on social media, is now saturated with all terms that end with "core": some of these have been known for decades, such as the famous normcore style, corresponding to ultra clothing minimalist, whose typical uniform is jeans + white T-shirt, while others are brand new and easily understood, like Barbiecore. But there is a word that, especially in recent weeks and with the arrival of the cold, has once again become a fashion catchphrase: the Gorpcore aesthetic.

Acronym for Good Ol' Raisins and Peanuts, or good old raisins with peanuts, a classic energy mix for tackling long excursions in nature, this trend is not exactly new, but its name is the result of an article published a few years ago by The Cut: the magazine defined Gorpcore as a provocatively ugly style, comparing it to the various useful, but not beautiful, clothes and objects to buy before going camping. It is therefore not surprising that the key brands associated with this movement are mainly dedicated to the outdoors, such as Teva, The North Face, Patagonia and Columbia. But why do you like it so much?

The aesthetic movement took hold during the lockdown periods, when everyone, and especially those who live in the city, expressed, even in style, the need to reconnect with nature. An opportunity seized not only by the labels that have always produced technical clothing, but also by the big brands: from Gucci at the end of 2020, with its famous capsule in collaboration with The North Face, to the most recent MM6 Maison Margiela collection with the French brand Salomon.

Another fundamental aspect of the Gorpcore style, beyond the ideal techwear for escaping the rain or trekking in style, is its unisex essence: the boundaries between men's and women's clothing are blurred to a new level, making this aesthetic even more particularly appealing to Millennials and Gen Z.

Together with the bright shades often combined on site, the creative layering of the different garments, not only to combat the cold, and the voluminous silhouettes that derive from it. Functionality and statement pieces mix together with an allure that sometimes touches the post-apocalyptic, as in the case of Balenciaga, and has won over countless stars, from Kendrick Lamar to Dua Lipa, via Bella Hadid. In the gallery, some of the celebrity looks that put even more spotlight on the Gorpcore aesthetic.

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