Outdoor but with style: Koala from Sebago.

Outdoor but with style: Koala from Sebago.


One of Sebago's most famous advertising slogans reads "Made for sailors, loved by all".

Nothing more true, especially here at Blog don't Lie.

Boating and water have always been in the company's DNA right from the name, which refers to the nearby lake in Maine.

Selected leathers, hand stitching and Welt Construction, a company patent, still make these shoes a cult accessory for leisure time as well as for an urban look.


Oggi vogliamo porre la nostra attenzioSebago

Our eyes sick of casual 'stuff' on the KOALA ankle boot.

Chosen by us in the shop most often by those who love practicality and the outdoors. High quality lace-up shoe.

The tone-on-tone natural crepe sole is the basis of this original concept, ensuring excellent grip on the ground and comfort at every step. The particular construction with visible stitching instead accentuates the informal charge of this ankle boot.


Ideal for leisure time, Sebago Koala is available in various variants, both in dark brown suede and leather lining.

The Mid Top version is perfect for slimming the silhouette, while for those who prefer a "classic" low ankle boot, the Sebago Koala Low model is also available.

One thing is certain: these shoes know how to adapt to the different needs of the daily routine. A timeless style attribute, born to stand out in all circumstances.

Stop by the shop to try them on, online you will find all the models and info.

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