Regular fit: jeans and 90s.

Regular fit: jeans and 90s.

Denim is trendy this year, in classic, creative and even total look versions. As are all those iconic garments belonging to 90s fashion, still in full revival in recent times. With these premises, it is not surprising that regular fit jeans have become a real obsession: the classic jeans worn by our favorite icons in the last decade of the last century are nothing short of emblematic and characteristic.

Let's find out more about the meaning of regular fit jeans, the differences with other fits and the combinations to experiment with in every season.
When we talk about regular fit we are referring to the fit of the trousers. As we know, there are many types of jeans, classified based on different parameters such as the height of the waist, the size of the leg and hem, the fit and the length itself. Speaking of regular fit we are referring to the classic straight cut model, also called "men's cut".

These are therefore jeans that fit regular and straight (not flared like flared jeans but not too tight like skinny jeans), which we have all worn at least once in our lives. In fact, these are those classic denim trousers that we often see in 90s films and TV series but not only obviously.
How to recognize regular jeans? The leg follows the line of the hips, falling soft and straight to the knee and ankle. This model does not mark or bandage, leaving full freedom of movement without distorting the volumes as happens with baggy jeans. They are usually high-waisted or at least medium-waisted, but lately we have also seen very low-waisted models appear on the market. You also have ample room for maneuver when it comes to washing: from very light to dark jeans, there is something for all tastes.

Democratic and inclusive, regular jeans are good for everyone. With their soft design they adapt to every body type, enhancing it. Those with slender legs (even those who have insecurities about this) can find benefits from choosing this model because it gives the optical illusion of a leg that hangs straight (and therefore more voluminous).
But even those with large hips will find it useful to take advantage of this fit, which slims the silhouette and gives good verticality. They also contain a little belly, so they are absolutely ideal in any case. The masculine cut gives class to the look, and as we will see below we can create so many outfits starting from regular jeans.

We often hear about slim fit jeans and regular fit jeans, and the two terms are often confused even though they indicate two completely different models. Indeed, the difference is substantial and must be understood to better understand what to wear and how to enhance it.

Slim jeans are slim-fitting and form-fitting. They are also called skinny, and are the classic model that follows the silhouette of the legs. The cut is slim and the fit is straight. They are basic and versatile, you can wear them with many looks and styles (from the most rock to the most elegant and classy).

Unlike slim fit jeans, regular fit jeans fit straighter and softer, whilst maintaining a slim and fairly snug fit. They are the classic 90s jeans, which as we have seen are inclusive and democratic. Let's find out how to best combine them!

Regular jeans are perfect for a nostalgic look that takes inspiration from the 90s and 2000s. Wear them with a Y2K style, together with sneakers or chunky boots, t-shirts with a print (of films, musical groups or cartoons) and delicious crops tops (especially if you opt for low-waisted jeans models). If you want a classier idea, wear these jeans with basic clothing.

Yes to the match with tank tops and tops, to be worn with a tailored or oversized blazer to give an elegant touch to the look, or with a leather jacket to add a pinch of grunge to everything. You can wear regular fit jeans with sneakers obviously, but also with a pair of sandals, both in the flat and heeled versions.

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