Collezione: Anitroc

Anitroc, the word "Cortina" in the mirror, was born from the idea of ​​an entrepreneur from Belluno, Simone, to deepen relationships with his land and celebrate it. To do this, he decides to dedicate himself, together with the help of his wife Giorgia, to the production of quality garments, characterized by original models and colours, padded with duck feathers and capable of giving the wearer the same characteristics that convey the Belluno Dolomites: warm but at the same time breathable, wrapped in a double bag, but without exaggerating in size. Each garment is the result of a creation carried out entirely in Italy, among the best factories in the Marche and Veneto, while at the same time paying attention to the world of eco-sustainability and respect for the workers who take part in it. Duck feathers, obtained from animals already intended for other uses, are also added to the list of raw materials of Italian origin used in production.