Collezione: Diadora

Diadora S.p.A. is an Italian clothing company, based in Caerano di San Marco in Veneto, which produces footwear, T-shirts and other items such as backpacks and bags. The company was the technical sponsor of the Italian national football team from 1986 to 1994. Diadora was born as a company specializing in mountain boots: the founder Marcello Danieli, also called Ottavio because he was the youngest of eight brothers, helped by his wife and a partner, Rinaldo Menegon begins an artisanal production. In the beginning, work shoes in the fields and as a lumberjack. The name was suggested to Danieli by one of his representatives: Diadora was the ancient name of Zara, the Dalmatian city where he was born and where he had to flee as a refugee in Italy. Etymologically of Greek derivation, Diadora however has a double meaning: the first is linked to the Dalmatian area of ​​Zara and more precisely with Diadora the Zadar was indicated. The second meaning derives from the union of the terms Dia and Dora, which in Italian can be translated as "sharing of gifts or honors".