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Ampal Creative - Strapback Outsiders Dark Olive

Ampal Creative - Strapback Outsiders Dark Olive

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I loved the double meaning of the term "outsider" - the literal and the play on outside.  We made it in an rad English Dry Wax.  Its an modernized version of wax canvas with an updated blend of waxes that give it a lighter, "dry" feel compared to traditional wax canvas but retain all the water proof qualities.

 Made in Los Angeles, CA

English Dry Wax Sailcloth Upper
- Deadstock Canvas Underbrim / Fr. Lining
- Felt Letter Appliques
- Unstructured Crushable Upper
- Adj. Nylon Strap Closure
- Custom Ampal 3M Koolnit Tech Sweatband w/ Sweat Barrier
- This hat fits smaller than our normal hat due to the fabric

Ampal Unstructured Fit - unstructured like a vintage baseball cap but deep like a trucker or fitted hat.

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