From Seoul: KAPPY.

From Seoul: KAPPY.

Kappy Design is a lifestyle brand that started in Seoul in 2020.

They create products that can stay together in the closet for a long time instead of indiscriminate production and consumption tailored to size,gender, and trend.

We were fascinated last year when we met the brand at Welcome in Paris. Clean lines, classic Japanese/Korean mood.

When the guys from Sept Showroom brought Kappy to Italy we said to ourselves: let's do it!

Double-sided pieces, absurd quality of materials, production with attention to detail and much more. We could go on for hours.

Focus on the essence of the material
and release a collection every season based on the keyword '3 LESS'.

SIZELESS, natural silhouette regardless of body shape (one size fit all)

GENDERLESS, a gender-free, comfortable mood

TIMELESS, a value that won't change over time

It will arrive from Blog don't Lie next autumn but in these months of waiting we will begin to tell you and explain what you can try in the store.

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