MANIKOMIO DSGN: pure passion for bags.

MANIKOMIO DSGN: pure passion for bags.

MANIKOMIO DSGN was born from the lifestyle of the owner, Massimo Cabbia. Personal and professional life spent for a long part of the time in the world of fashion and in particular in that of bags.

A splendid experience so far characterized by a great passion for stock exchanges, by victories and defeats, by great disappointments but also by great satisfactions experienced in facing new challenges every time, always experienced with courage, determination, honesty, enthusiasm and total dedication. The idea was born from the desire to combine all these things by making use of knowledge and experience in a new project, free and clean of any conditioning.

A project in which you can express creativity, taste and passion in the creation of bags and fashion accessories that can be loved by everyone.

Massimo is originally from Bologna but has lived for years in Forlì in the splendid Romagna. He has a very long training in the sector and this has shaped his thinking and knowledge a lot.

Experiencing a project from its inception, from product development to its marketing is something he has always enjoyed very much! His thought is that there should never be a dividing line between those who "do the style" and those who deal with the commercial side. It is said that passion is the driving force behind everything well done and every successful operation, which is why Massimo pushes this project with all the passion and adrenaline possible.

We live in an era in which the Product is called upon, more than ever, to satisfy also and above all a profound personal need, that of gratifying oneself, loving oneself and giving oneself a moment of pleasure. Massimo believes that these needs greatly influence the consumer's willingness to proceed or not with any purchase, especially if we are talking about a non-essential product.

The desire of MANIKOMIO DSGN is to pamper, excite and gratify its customers by creating high quality MADE IN ITALY bags and accessories, but above all that have a character and a spirit that makes them recognizable from afar! They love making all those things that we would like to be able to buy but that we often can't find. The goal is to never be contaminated by "passing" fashions. The ambition is to think and create products that will always please and excite while maintaining a great balance between style, quality, flavour, emotion and value. The objective of MANIKOMIO DSGN is to convince and excite and the promise is to remain consistent with thoughts and ideas!

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