RESOLUTE: the jeans that doesn't compromise.

RESOLUTE: the jeans that doesn't compromise.

How beautiful Japan is, a land of charm, mysteries, mental peace.

Land of denim, above all.

RESOLUTE, a jeans brand, was launched in 2010. Yoshiyuki Hayashi, Designer of RESOLUTE, is standing on his diversified experience ofover 30 years, he designed exclusively 4 types of jeans to start a jeans –only-brand.

The entire procedure of RESOLUTE jeans production is all MADE IN JAPAN, from its yarn dyeing to its yarn weaving, sewing and processing.

Core model 710 has a lot of its sizing; the waist sizes vary from 26 to 40 inches, and for each waist size there are from 5 to 8 different lengths ready. In total, 87 sizes are available. The idea of carrying 86 different kinds of measurements comes from Hayashi’ s prudent intention for the customers to make his creation fit each one’ s body without shortening the length and changing the shape.

Simply because Hayashi does not compromise and is confident to maintain the best quality and design over decades. Behind his strong confidence, we cannot ignore the backbone of the world’s best technology/quality of jeans production in Japan.

An evaluation of jeans made in Japan is high in worldwide. The production is Bingo district over Okayama and Hiroshima.

The fabric for RESOLUTE is woven in Shinya Co., Ltd. in Ibara-shi, Okayama. An old power loom still operates regularly, and the denim fabric woven there has much ordering from global maison brand. Shinya Co., Ltd. is a partner of Hayashi from the DENIME days. There is an old power loom for exclusive use of RESOLUTE, and expert craftsman maintains it elaborately.

It is a sewing factory in Niimi-shi, Okayama, Niimi sewing center to finish sewing to an ideal silhouette with this fabric. It has a good reputation for technology once as it was a designated factory of Levi’ s Japan. RESOLUTE is sewed by a sewing machine set according to a sewing process finally.

Reliability is high so that Hayashi says,“It is only this factory to be able to sew RESOLUTE”, and guarantee sewed into the sleek of the pocket is proof of the quality.


He was born in 1956. It is an opportunity that he longed for Levi’ s for youth and begins to work in the jeans industry after graduation from university.
He learns the making of jeans by self-education, and in 1988 when DENIME established, he is invited as a designer by DENIME. He had the deep affection and preference for jeans, so in a record-breaking replica jeans trend in Japan, he was to be a big figure in that trend. After he left DENIME, he launched RESOLUTE in order to pursue his ideal style of jeans again in 2010.

The brand line up consists of 5 models.


RESOLUTE’s core model.
A model based on Levi’s 501 “Model 66”, with precisely reproducing the denim fabric of those days, has a fine fading like those used Levi’s jeans of late 1960’s or 1970’s. 8 different lengths are available for everyone to make it fit their legs without cutting off. In total, there are actually 87 different kinds of measurements available, we will not find any jeans like RESOLUTE710 in the world.

13.75(non wash)/ 14.00(wash)


A slightly wide straight type.
Based on work pants of the 1950’ s in America, the outline is refined with a lower rise and without a too- loose fit around the waist on RESOLUTE711, with an intention not to reproduce the XX model too precisely as typical replica brands do. However, all the important attributes are reproduced cautiously into details such as leather patch, hidden rivet, offset center back loop, and so on.

13.13(non wash)/ 13.50(wash)


A tapered straight type based on Levi’ s 505.

This model has a tighter fit below the knees even compared to our other tapered models, 710 and 713. Utilized the sanforized fabric, and this model is the only one with a zip front closure.

13.75(non wash)/ 14.00(wash)


A model with a further modification to 710 integrating a modernized lower rise.

Has 2.5cm lower rise on the waist than 710, and is a tapered straight line exactly the same as 710.

13.75(non wash)/ 14.00(wash)


In the United States during World War Ⅱ, jeans that were forced to simplify various specifications due to material controls are “World War Ⅱ model”.
Born from the production background in the war, there were a wide variety of types without uniformity. RESOLUTE follows vintage details such as a donut-shaped top button engraved with a laurel , a coin pocket without rivets, and thick belt loops. The rise is deep, the waist position is raised, and the silhouette wraps around the hips.

13.13(non wash)/ 13.50(wash)


What to say more?

Nothing, just to stay connected and get ready to go to the store.

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