Sebago publishes the first Year Book 2023.

Sebago publishes the first Year Book 2023.

The history of the American brand Sebago is told in the new editorial product destined to become a cult object.

«Year Book was born out of necessity» says Marco Tamponi creative director and global brand manager of Sebago, «We tried to collect the American history linked to our product with the help of friends of the brand - among our team, journalists and fashion directors who have worked with us over the years - and we have developed this editorial product internally."

The book traces the atmosphere of Maine, the state where the brand was born in 1946, passing through the different communities loyal to the brand from New England to the design of the penny loafer, which made Sebago a recognizable brand for quality, craftsmanship and timeless elegance in Worldwide.

«The first issue of Year Book did not want to position itself as a celebratory product of an American brand, rather as a cult object, just like our moccasin».
Lorenzo Boglione

Told by authoritative writers and publishers, entrepreneurs and members of the Sebago Yacht Club, the first issue of Year Book 2023 with illustrations by Fei Wang aka Mr. Slowboy, lifestyle stories, images of savoir faire, stories of club culture linked to the Ivy League ( nda private universities in the northeastern United States of America) and special interviews that contextualize the BasicNet Group brand, from the owner of Bar Basso in Milan to a round up of interviews with members of the Sebago Yacht Club. But how come the idea of ​​presenting a paper product in this era? «We have realized that the engagement of our customers has been all-encompassing in recent years. To date, 80% of our contents are digital and we liked the idea of ​​creating a cult object to be preserved over time. We wanted to keep track of our history with a Yearbook, an American university book format that comes out annually in September" concludes Tamponi.

Year Book 2023 is available in a print run of 15,000 copies at single- and multi-brand stores around the world.

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