Tamaskan 2.0: perfect for the outdoors.

Tamaskan 2.0: perfect for the outdoors.

Yes, we admit it, we have a crush on hiking boots.
But it's not our fault, it's just that Dolomite produces one more beautiful than the other.

Ideal for winter excursions and snowshoeing, the new Tamaskan 2.0 are the ideal solution for enjoying the outdoors in the colder season.

The Tamaskan upper is completely shielded from the outside thanks to protective gaiters specifically designed to disperse any accumulation of snow.

The original mountain motif on the gaiters is reflective and ensures greater visibility in the dark. The sustainable Primaloft padding, 100% recycled and GRS certified, guarantees warmth and long-lasting comfort during every adventure.

Finally, the exclusive Vibram sole, made with Arctic Grip technology, guarantees maximum grip on snow, ice and even wet ice. An original shoe with a sporty look, which certainly cannot be missing from the wardrobe of winter hiking lovers!


UPPER: Coated polyurethane - stretch fabric - fabric - rubber protection
LINING: Primaloft Insulation Eco - fleece
MIDSOLE: Molded ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).
SOLE: Ice Vibram® - Arctic Grip technology
FOOTBED: Molded ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) - fleece - aluminum film


Durable and protective upper
Elastic protective gaiter
Ankle support collar
Thermal insulation
Quick lacing system

585 g

Vibram Arctic Grip® is an exclusive Vibram ® technology that aims to improve winter footwear and represents the most advanced cold grip system that Vibram® has ever created.
Vibram Arctic Grip® is a new approach to grip on icy surfaces (particularly wet ice). The technology involves exclusively Vibram® rubber, without the need to add external metal accessories.
All models have special caps with Vibram Arctic Grip® technology which guarantee the sole's grip on wet ice. All models feature thermochromic caps that gain a splash of color when the temperature drops to 32°F/0.

Primaloft Insulation Eco: insulating material that guarantees warmth without bulk, water resistant, breathable, lightweight, durable and made from 55% recycled material.

DAS - Dolomite Anatomic System - is the construction system with which most of the models in the Dolomite collection are made. It has the function of giving the shoe an internal morphology that is as close as possible to the anatomy of the foot and of supporting the biomechanics of the step. By limiting the repercussions of impacts to a minimum and favoring natural progression, extraordinary comfort and safety are achieved. The DAS models are designed to meet the needs necessary for different activities, carefully calibrating performance, comfort, lightness, reliability and durability.
The elements that make up the system are:
ANATOMIC SHAPE - The DAS lasts reproduce the anatomy of the average human foot in their surfaces and volumes. This translates into precision fit and superior comfort.
ANATOMIC FOOTBED - The removable anatomical insoles provide correct plantar support, improve stability thanks to a homogeneous distribution of body weight, keeping the foot in shape.
PRINTED MIDSOLE - The midsoles are printed faithfully reproducing the anatomy of the last. In this way, a close connection is created between the foot and the ground, creating rolling continuity and stable and safe support.

Midsole developed for hiking footwear, for walks on medium-hard trails that require a sure step and secure foothold.


Ideal for snowshoeing and walking in the snow
Waterproof PU-covered microfibre upper
Warm and waterproof Primaloft® lining
Ice Vibram® sole
Excellent grip on ice and wet surfaces
Asymmetric, ergonomic hinge
Internal fastening with loops

With the new season you can find this and other models and pieces from the Italian brand HERE.

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