You have two homes, Earth and your Body: ETICLO'.

You have two homes, Earth and your Body: ETICLO'.

Italian brand that combines ethics and aesthetics to create a unique and refined product, aimed at the female gender, offering a contemporary and minimalist look.

We have been on the 'tracks' of Eticlò for some time and for this winter season we have decided to let you know in person. Interesting pieces as interesting is the politics and work behind the brand.

Eticlò was born, as Desirèe Madonna (brand director) likes to say, from the desire to develop a healthy and responsible alternative in the textile sector without sacrificing style and elegance.

The name Eti-clò derives from "ethical closet" (ethical closet) and summarizes their mission: to combine ethics with aesthetics in fashion collections made with organic fabrics and an ethical supply chain.
For the garments they use only natural and biological fibers, ecological colors and a verified supply chain.

Born in 2018 but it knows how to give you the feeling that it has always been your favorite brand. Open the closet and find it there.


Theirs is a story of respect for ethics in production.
Using a healthy supply chain is an essential principle for us. They select suppliers from among the only ones able to ensure high quality standards and strong respect for workers.

They prefer Made in Italy, but they also get their supplies from international operators who support sustainable development projects.
There is a lot of respect for the environment.


From the design of the garments, to the raw materials, to the packaging: the choice is always the most sustainable one.

Minimizing the impact of products and business on the environment is the true mission.

the simplest choices must be consistent with Eticlò's mission.
The guys from the Bolognese brand want to keep improving.

On the other hand, it could not be otherwise: Eticlò was born on the basis of principles of sustainability and ethics that have become its DNA.

The raw materials chosen are only natural fibers and of biological origin.
The use of only ecological dyes, which exclude the use of substances harmful to the environment and health, is a priority.
The Fall / Winter 2022 collection that we will bring to the store is made of organic cotton, cashmere, ecological wool and hemp.
For most of the collection we have chosen garment dyeing: a production management system that helps minimize waste.

A story of balance, as the brand's slogan mentions.


The next winter season for Eticlò will reflect a moment
of growth and maturity through a selection of the very first ecological virgin wools, produced
from the historic Lanificio Bottoli di Serravalle, GOTS certified organic cottons and noble fibers of controlled and traceable origin for wool-cashmere knitwear. The texture and density of the fabric become the protagonists of the collection; the material sense of the fibers describes the growth and the quality of the product.

The choice to work with fabrics of natural origin emphasizes the other
cornerstone of the brand or the traceability of the origin of the materials we wear: it is essential to choose responsibly for our skin and the planet.


The colors are inspired by natural spaces and their biodiversity: from the warmest and most traditional colors such as beige, camel and noisette that reflect the idea of ​​natural beauty to get to the tones of gray characterized by hints of blue and burgundy. Inevitable black and blue for
a dynamic and everyday look, striped shirts with masculine and Anglo-Saxon tones.


A combination of tradition and innovation therefore, where the history of Italian craftsmanship merges with research and design. Eticlò tells the wardrobe classics inspired by Italian femininity in a modern and urban key.

Shirts are made from 100% GOTS organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard) and mother-of-pearl buttons, designed and packaged in Italy.
For the production of organic cotton, production systems are used organic that do not require use of pesticides and GMO fertilizers.


There fabric production, as well as the cultivation of the raw material, is performed sustainably, using reduced quantities of water, limiting the use of chemicals and paying the utmost attention energy saving and the use of sources renewable.

The knitwear garments and accessories are made only with natural yarns
and packaged at the factory La Colombina weaving mill by Badoere (Treviso). Every single step is performed with the utmost care in the choice of yarns to the realization of the products.


For the winter season eticlò offers garments with a classic taste but with a
modern twist made of 100% wool coming from organic farms e 100% natural silk.

A femininity modern and versatile.


A capsule dedicated to wellness and comfort made from organic cotton
and beech wood fiber. The essential for a responsible easywear look e completely natural.


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