Collezione: Kappa

Kappa is an Italian company operating in the sportswear sector. Born as a sports sub-brand within Robe di Kappa, the brand is part of the Turin-based BasicNet group. The brand was born in 1978 when Marco Boglione, at the time commercial and marketing director of Maglificio Calzificio Torinese (MCT), convinced Maurizio Vitale, CEO of the company, to set up a sports division of the already started Robe di Kappa business. Robe di Kappa Sport brand, then simplified in the following years into Kappa, which gained immediate notoriety thanks to the sponsorship of the most successful Italian football team, Juventus. Kappa and Juventus formalize their relationship in 1978, which will continue for the next 22 years. Right from the start, Kappa takes up the logo of the parent company Robe di Kappa, depicting two young people sitting with their legs together, arranged back to back; later, as a distinctive motif, the specific lettering "Kappa" is added to this. With the crisis involving MCT in the early 1990s, which resulted in its failure, in 1994 Kappa's destinies cross again with Boglione, who since the mid-1980s had set up on his own in the field of sports merchandising, coming acquired by them and since then controlled, together with the other brands of the MCT galaxy, through the newly formed BasicNet.