Satorisan: create shoes that last.

Satorisan: create shoes that last.

At Satorisan they create products that last
Designing and crafting shoes that are comfortable. With a fit and finish that only get better with age.

Attention to detail creates singularity. While planet-friendly process means we take care. We look to the future with hope, and turn our backs on fear.

Helping everyone to walk consciously and live from the heart. We encourage you to follow the path of life and celebrate its twists and turns. Whatever journey you're on, we'll be right with you.

In a world of sneakers full of brands and products, Satorisan knows how to stand out and create a comfortable and beautiful shoe.

Walk Consciously
We're committed to leaving a positive footprint. That's why we walk consciously - to stay true to ourselves and care for the planet. We live honestly, with humility and respect, to protect the beauty of the earth.

We live with coherence, listening our hearts so our intuition guides our thoughts. Acting in line with our belief in the inherent good of the world.

Doing things with a smile, living positively and in the present. Because when we live from the heart, we are strong and free.

Satorisan name is inspired by the mythical creature from ancient Japan, known as the Satori (悟り).

Legend says the apelike Satori meets people on their journey through life, helping them discover their inner spirit and find their true self. With the taoist philosophy and the Mediterranean lifestyle at the front of our minds, Satorisan create products with authenticity - so everyone can live simply, slowly and in harmony with nature.

Every Satorisan product embodies four essential values:

-Quality: Excellence is an inherent part of what we do. Every element is selected and crafted with care to make sure products are beautiful, durable and planet friendly.

-Comfort: They use innovation and research to develop practical, easy-to-wear products. This means people can travel in comfort and style, wherever they're headed.

-Singularity: Their products are made with soul and inspired by the imperfect beauty of nature. Ttheir worn look and feel wears naturally over time, telling the unique story of every person who wears them.

-Affordability: They want to inspire people to live from the heart. Tthey aim to strike a balance between quality and affordability so their message can reach as many people as possible.

In store and online you can discover and learn about the whole Satorisan world, and try out your number.

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