Collection: Satorisan

At Satorisan they create products that last. Designing and crafting shoes that are comfortable. With a fit and finish that only get better with age. Their attention to detail creates singularity. While their planet-friendly process means they take care. They look to the future with hope, and turn their backs on fear. Helping everyone to walk consciously and live from the heart. They encourage you to follow the path of life and celebrate its twists and turns. Whatever journey you're on, they'll be right with you. They're committed to leaving a positive footprint. That's why they walk consciously - to stay true to theirselves and care for the planet. they live honestly, with humility and respect, to protect the beauty of the earth. They live with coherence, listening their hearts so their intuition guides their thoughts. Acting in line with their belief in the inherent good of the world. Doing things with a smile, living positively and in the present. Because when they live from the heart, they are strong and free.