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Their story began in the late nineteenth century when the Camplin brand became known within the military environment, as the first supplier of an exclusive garment, the Peacoat, to the Royal Navy. A success that is the result of the enlightened intuition of the Camplin family, of Robert, in particular, the inventor of this unique garment capable of perfectly fitting British Navy Officers. A practical, versatile, modern and traditional outerwear at the same time, which led the inventor to obtain the precious Medal of Merit of the Naval General Service, later becoming an original detail of the Peacoat. An iconic and unique garment of its kind: it was Robert Camplin's idea to propose the use of the Peacoat as part of the Petty Officer uniform to differentiate them from the sailors and from the Great Coat worn by senior officers. His idea was transformed into an outerwear that wanted to evoke the importance of a coat while embracing practicality in the movements.

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