Collection: Edwin

If we change the order of the letters that make up the word DENIM and flip the M which becomes a W, the word EDWIN is born. When it comes to jeans, it is inevitable to talk about EDWIN, the Japanese brand that has made the history of denim. In 1947, in Tokyo, Japan, there is a store that sells US Army uniforms. In those same years, the son of the owner, Shuji Tsunemi, the current president of EDWIN, was born. Initially Tsunemi decided not to take care of the family business, but to continue her studies in the United States, at Saint Louis University.
His studies, his training and the master's degree he obtained were fundamental for what would later become the EDWIN brand. In 1961, Tsunemi decided to take over his father's shop and to embark on the path of continuous experimentation, which would lead him to establish himself in the world of denim.
In America Tsunemi had bought a large quantity of jeans and it is precisely on those garments that he was able to experiment with the different types of washing.
In 1963 he created a pair of jeans so heavy that they could stand on their own, in fact the garment weighed 16 oz, the only one in the world. The traditional passion of the Japanese for denim, the quality of the fabrics, the craftsmanship, the washing processes and the advanced technologies are the peculiar characteristics inscribed in the EDWIN brand. It is to EDWIN that we owe the process used today by all the jeans companies on the planet that we know with the term "stonewash" and which marks a crucial turning point in the evolution of denim. The prestige of EDWIN, however, is not given only by innovations, but above all by the ancient respect for traditions that has always distinguished the Orientals. Use of hand looms for the production of fabrics, natural fixings and artisanal attention to detail make EDWIN the most precious denim garment that completes your wardrobe.