Collection: Knowledge Cotton Apparel

The movement. Magic. The very idea of ​​being part of something bigger - sharing the belief that we can actually change the world together. This is how we want to convey the vibrant spirit of 1969. A time when people came together to create something new. Something beautiful and shared, which was often in stark contrast to the rigid ideas of the past. We live, once again, in a time of change. At a time when the stakes are so high. But also, at a time when the opportunities may never have been greater to bring about change. It is a pivotal time, we have to search deeply into our human souls. We may have to face the toughest challenges for this to happen. However, we clearly feel that there is something in the air. There is a movement. A willingness to act. The need to believe in a new tomorrow. We can feel the magical vibrations again, just like 50 years ago. Woodstock. The moon landing. The Stonewall riot. Solidarity among humanity. The refreshing spirit of truly believing that we can change the world together. Looking in the rearview mirror, it is no coincidence that KnowledgeCotton Apparel was born out of the spirit of 1969. From the very beginning, the family business has been characterized by a different way of thinking. A different way of relating to industry, farmers, producers and consumers. Fifty years of innovation have created a unique corporate spirit. A set of values ​​based on respect and a relentless desire to always move forward, acquire knowledge, develop new ideas and carry forward our concepts. It is in our DNA to lead the way. But also to help push the sector forward and to defend the belief that we can make a difference together. Will today be the day when humanity will once again take decisive steps towards a better world? Is today the new spirit of '69? We firmly believe that this can be the case. And our 50-year legacy proves that we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

The way we do things

Our philosophy is based on three guiding principles that guide our work: knowledge, action, respect.

Increase knowledge
We are constantly looking for new ways to minimize our impact on the environment. We are curious and always looking for new innovations. In this we are never satisfied. We always try to move forward, to expand our knowledge in order to make changes. ‍

Words can inspire action, but only action creates change. Therefore, we always try to change conventions and embrace change. We use the knowledge we gain every day to actively change our business and industry. ‍

Show respect
Our set of values ​​is based on respect for the planet and its citizens. We aim to use human and natural resources as responsibly as possible. We consider it our greatest mission to make sure our planet is in the best possible condition when we pass it on to future generations.