Collection: Maison Clochard

Playing on opposites (right from the name of the brand: “the house of the homeless”), marrying the old bobo philosophy (bourgeois-bohemian) and above all making colorful jeans.
This is the mission of the new Florentine brand Maison Clochard which presented its first collection at Pitti, due out next spring / summer.
Four models with avian names for 20 colors: Mallard, or duck, classic fit dedicated to those who eat everything, from sushi to grandma's noodles, and adapt to every situation; Egret, the heron, skinny and vegetarian, migratory by nature, prefers the nightlife and moves from room to room, changing the plumage from time to time; Pigeon, the pigeon, slim fit for metropolitan wild animals that go on to peanuts, peanuts and pistachios and live on aperitifs; Moineaux, sparrow, short by nature, follows his companion Pigeon everywhere and goes out especially in good weather.