Collection: Peregrine

In 1796, with the birth of his first son, also named Thomas, Thomas made the move to Wigston Magma where he went into business as a hand frame knitter, commonly known back then as a “bag man”. In total, Thomas had two children, Thomas (1796) and William (1797), who later went on to run the business.

Every step from the very first design to the finishing stitch has, and always will be executed here in the UK. We can control everything about the garment production from start to finish and we have a close working relationship with the team at our Manchester based factory.

We offer something a bit different, something special and we want our customers to be excited about where their clothing comes from.

“90% of clothing that we buy in Britain is outsourced when it comes to production in order to cut costs as much as possible but this often means sacrifices in the brands sustainability as well as in the quality of the garment produced..”