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Alba Optics

Alba Optics - Sunglasses DELTA ULTRA ORG VZUM MR ALU

Alba Optics - Sunglasses DELTA ULTRA ORG VZUM MR ALU

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Level Up. From below sea level to the top of the mountain – the ULTRA racer covers ground and gravel of all terrains. An endless trail that offers the greatest reward.
Delta Ultra is an experimental vision. The goal: to take the classic model and modify it where possible catering to outdoor activities and 360° panoramic views. The U-LENS has a new shape, 10% smaller than the traditional A-LENS and two brand new rubber logo buttons at the ends. Don’t ask yourself what they are for. They are just beautiful.
The two-tone frame is produced in Orange/Grey colourway. Produced locally here in Northern Italy, every single dot you see has been lovingly hand painted with great intention. The ULTRA is available with the U-LENS VZUM™ MR ALU, mirrored and recommended for use in bright light conditions.

Smaller ventilated VZUM™ U-LENS to help prevent fog

Interchangeable VZUM™ lens, compatible with the DELTA original frame

Ergonomic temple tips

Lighter Tr90 frame

Weight: 26gr

Handmade in Italy

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