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Alba Optics

Alba Optics - Sunglasses SOLO RST VZUM MR ALU

Alba Optics - Sunglasses SOLO RST VZUM MR ALU

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 From the sunrise till sunset, this is the way, ride Solo.

Frame: WHT
Photochromatic lens. Guarantees excellent visibility and protection, both in poor and intense light conditions.
Mirror coating.
Red tint.
CAT 1÷3

When the road looks infinite and the breath chews dust. Sweat sticks to the clouds and fatigue bites the calves, heart and mind. When the imagination is lost in rectilinear sequences between the sunrises and sunsets of life. When a sky devoid of secrets clings to the handlebar, loneliness is a childlike happiness that caresses the moon and the seasons slide away on the trees, the stones and deserts. Dedicated to you, the cyclist who rides alone on the roads of the world.
SOLO features the highly regarded VZUM™ lens. A central vent in the frame, and slots along the top of the lenses allows heat and steam to escape before it can cloud your vision. The temple tips are telescopic, adjusting to 4 different positions for best fit and wearer comfort.
SOLO has been designed to be worn for prolonged periods of time and multi-day excursions, in a variety of climates. The combination of a durable, flexible and lightweight frame, retromodern styling and modern technologies, the SOLO offers ultimate versatility and purpose.

Ventilated VZUM™ LENS to help prevent fog

Removable lateral flaps

Ergonomic and adjustable temple tips

Durable Tr90 frame

Weight: 32gr

Handmade in Italy


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