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Ampal Creative - Strapback MOAB Brown

Ampal Creative - Strapback MOAB Brown

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 "As you go further, don't forget to enjoy the ride"

Running your own business is stressful and there's nothing I love more than a surf at the end of the day.  Even with an 11' glider, there's not always a rideable wave, so I started walking a local trail up the side of the hill.  Which became jogging up the trail, which eventually became doing multiple times.  I enjoy it in a way I never thought I would enjoy running.  However, it's a rocky, rutted out, semi steep trail, and if you don't pay attention you will definitely go down.  So as it became more of a physical challenge than a hike, I sometimes found myself forgetting to pause and take in the view that got me out there in the first place.  You can see 50 or so miles up the coast and on a clear day you can see the Coronado Islands.  I've seen a falcon doing high speed swoops, chasing a hawk out of its territories and watch the seasons change as the plants bloom.  So yeah, as you go further, don't forget to enjoy the ride.

- Unstructured Spacer Mesh Front Panel / Premium Mesh Back
- Tech Moisture Wicking Brim/Underbrim
- Snapback Closure

Ampal Unstructured Fit - unstructured like a vintage baseball cap but deep like a trucker or fitted hat.



Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

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