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Sebago - Beanie Reef White

Sebago - Beanie Reef White

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The perfect companion for harsher climates, this short hat or beanie is made of Merinos Wool with a gauge 5 knit, which repels moisture better than any other natural fiber, is a fantastic insulator and an excellent ally against the cold: knitted with the classic nautical point on the English coast, is embellished with a personalized Sebago Docksides label. Careful reconstruction of the typical cap worn by those who stood guard on a ship or a lookout post, it is commonly called the watch cap by members of the United States army. Although its connection to the berets worn by Navy crews during World War II is clear, its historical roots seem to trace back as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans. A must for long walks along the seashore in winter. The Reef knot, or flat knot, is one of the oldest and simplest joining knots used to secure a rope to a fixed object.

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